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Alex Bilodeau

Canadian National Team Moguls Skier - Crystal Globe Winner 2009 and 2011 – Olympic Gold Medalist 2010 and 2014, World Champion 2009 and 2011 - Photo Antonin Thuillier/AFP/GettyImages

“I’ve been training at High Performance with Scott Livingston since I began on the international scene at 17 years old. There’s no doubt in my mind that my quick progression to the top ranks of my sport was due much in part to the great work done off snow. I know that being ready and in great shape before I hit the slopes made me confidant going into every event. Being an Olympic champion isn’t only about being a good skier but also being a great athlete overall, thanks to the professionals at High Performance for keeping me away from major injuries and helping me be the best athlete I can be!”

Alex Despatie

Canadian National Team Diver - 2 time Olympic Silver Medalist, 3 time World Champion, 9 time Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

“When I met Scott Livingston a few weeks before starting to work with him, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Being trained by a man with such a resume can be a bit intimidating at first. Knowing we were going to spend a lot of time together we started getting to know each other, as athlete/trainer but also as people. Scotty helped me become a more complete athlete, not just physically but mentally as well! He changed my views on training in general that has resulted in me becoming a better person everyday. There was a lot to fix, but nothing seemed out of reach. He made me as fit and as ready to compete in the London Olympics as I possibly could have been! Scotty I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for being my friend!”

Andrei Markov

NHL All-Star Defenseman – Montreal Canadians Hockey Club

“I’ve trained with Scott Livingston for many years while he worked for the Canadians. Recently I asked him to help me get back from my third surgery on my right knee when things just didn’t seem to be going the right way. His skills, confidence, and dedication to detail helped me completely return to my sport in better shape than I’ve ever been in. I can’t say enough about Scott’s work ethic and abilities, I thank him and his team at High Performance for getting me back to the game I love!”

Antoine Valois-Fortier

Canadian National Team Judoka – 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist

“I began training with Scott Livingston two years before the 2012 Olympic games and I had a back issue that was giving me problems off the mat and in the gym. Scott took me back to the basics and cleaned up the issues that were causing me back pain and then continued to build my training so I would be better prepared for my sport. I continued to progress in my judo specific fitness and went into the London Olympics in great shape and won a bronze medal! Thanks to Scott and all those at High Performance for the continued support!”

Ariane Lavigne

Canadian National Snowboard Team - Alpine

Working with Jennifer Ann Scott at High Performance transformed me into a totally different athlete: not just on the slope as a snowboarder, but in every sport I practice! She worked with me to become more functional and efficient with my body movements.  As a result, I am more agile and aggressive when I compete and I recover faster after training.  Also, I was able to perform and stayed at the top of my fitness level all winter long, injury free. Looking forward, I am totally confident and ready to GIVE MY EVERYTHING leading up the 2014 Olympics in Sochi!

Brian Jones

Masters Athlete – Cycling and Ski Racing

“I am a masters road bike racer and masters alpine ski racer. Given the amount of mileage and wear and tear on my body, I have put together “Team Brian High Performance” which involves working with Jaime, Kenny, Beth and, most recently with Jen! It all started with Jaime re-building me after my ski racing injury – lateral fracture tibia plateau – in March 2007. Since then the High Performance Team has overseen a complete overhaul contributing to a dramatic improvement in my bike and ski racing performance. They have achieved this through their own innovative programs designed to awaken all muscle systems making me a more balanced and more powerful athlete who is also more resistant to injury.
I recommend High Performance to any masters age athlete who thinks it is too late to be stronger faster and healthier! They will prove you wrong!”

Christian Whitmore

Elite Provincial Ski Racer

“Since 2007, our 15 year old son Christian, an elite ski racer in Quebec, had lots of injuries including ITband friction syndrome, bursitis in one hip and patellar tendonitis in both knees and could barely walk due to pain. We sought help from numerous physiotherapists and osteopaths but Christian’s condition continued to worsen. Throughout 2008, he was barely able to train or ski. We met Jennifer Ann Scott in December 2008 and she started from the ground up. Using manual therapy, and teaching him proper movement patterns, she has rebuilt our son, even to the point of teaching him how to walk properly. With her skiing background, she also established that Christian’s skiing technique was what was making him worse. No one else looked for the cause. Now, Christian moves better and is stronger than he was before the injuries. He went from not being able to train, to finishing the season on the snow and did all the necessary competitions. Without Jen, we would have lost the whole season and probably much more.”

Christina Julien

Canadian National Team Soccer Player

“I started working with Jaime Livingston after coming away from the 2012 Olympic games with a serious high hamstring tear and it has been one of the most positive experiences in a very tough time for me. Jaime’s knowledge of muscle movements to maximize an individual’s athletic potential is second to none. She had an amazing understanding of how my muscles functioned collectively, why I experienced the injury I did and how I could prevent further injury. With an individualized training program, Jaime has rebuilt me into a stronger, more efficient, and less injury prone athlete. This has allowed me to experience an athletic ability of which I didn’t know I was capable. She’s a very motivating, knowledgeable and meticulous individual that has helped me get back on the soccer pitch with a new sense of confidence.”

Craig Buntin

Canadian National Team Figure Skater

“I owe Beth Beecher and the entire team at High Performance a huge debt of gratitude. Midway through the 2007-08 season, I tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder. After the surgery I began work with Beth who assessed all of my physical strengths and weaknesses. She was able to determine many of the muscle imbalances and instabilities that led to the injury and she designed a clear and effective program to help me get back on track and training for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I would recommend Beth and the High Performance team to anyone looking to improve their physical strength and conditioning. They are a great team who have created an incredibly positive environment.”

Danny Minogue

Masters Athlete – Former National Team Alpine Skiier

“I have been a loyal client of High Performance for close to 10 years. I originally went to them for a hip problem but over time they also helped me to train properly to be in the best physical condition ever. Having been an Elite athlete in my youth and in my current role of Chairman of the Board of Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) I have witnessed and experienced many different training methods over the years for both athletes and for people who just want to get in shape or have joint and muscle issues. The High Performance Team are in a class by themselves when it comes to innovation, cutting edge training methods and rehab.”

Dominique Maltais

Médaillée Olympique de bronze 2006, Championne Coupe du Monde 2006, 2011 et 2012, Médaillée Olympique d'argent 2014

“Depuis presqu’un an que j’ai commencé à m’entrainer a Haute Performance. Leur expertise et la manière de m’entrainer a complètement changé ma vision de l’entrainement physique. Tout ce que je fais maintenant me force à bouger d’une manière axée et réfléchie. Avec eux j’ai atteint un sommet de forme physique auquel je n’avais jamais franchi auparavant.”

“À chaque entrainements, rien n’est laissé de côté et tout est pris en considération à chaque jours, ce qui fait en sorte que je peux me surpasser et continuer à m’améliorer à chaque semaines. Pour moi, mes performances en coupe du monde commencent d’abord et avant au gym. Il me permettre d’aller chercher ma pleine confiance avant le début de mes saisons et ce en gardant le sourire durant tout l’été!!”

Erik Guay

Canadian National Team Alpine Skier – Crystal Globe Winner Super G 2010, World Champion DH 2011

“I began working with Scott Livingston and other members of the B2ten program in the summer of 2011. I had been suffering with back pain for more than five years that was really affecting the quality of my skiing, and my quality of life. Scott set out a plan and along with the rest of the team, completely rebuilt my body from the foundation up. We were able to considerably change my back pain for the 2011 season, and since then, we’ve trained through another off-season where we had to tackle a knee scope rehab just before the season. This year I feel well prepared, my knee is great, my back is good, and I feel like I’m 25 again!”

Fred Niemeyer

Professional Tennis Player

“We like to call her “The Queen of pain”. This name fits her in many ways: A very hard working person. She is passionate for her work. She gets results. She is certainly up to any challenge there is out there. And she is a fun person to work with. After seeing what Jaime has done with me, I believe she can fix any injury there is. After struggling with patellar tendonitis for more than 5 years, she gave me a new body. It’s more then an amazing road we did together. She re-built me from scratch: I was struggling to walk when I went to see her and she made me not only pain free, but she gave me more. I am now more flexible, agile, and stronger then ever.”

Helen Upperton

Canadian National Team Bobsled Pilot – 20120 Olympic Silver Medalist

“I was a member of the Canadian National Women’s Bobsleigh team for many years. For several years prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics I had the privilege of working with both Scott and Jaime Livingston on my pre-season training, reconditioning, and injury management. They taught me so much and took me so much further in my training than I thought I could go. Not only was I a better athlete but I also learned how to train and move much more efficiently. It was a lot of hard work preparing for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and with the help of High Performance Sport I knew I was on the right track. Less pain, better testing numbers, a handful of world cup medals, and an Olympic Silver Medal to show for it! Thanks High Performance!”

Jeane Lassen

Canadian National Olympic Lifting Team – Commonwealth Gold Medalist

“Scott Livingston is a creative genius! Olympic weightlifting can be very repetitive and the tonnage can be overwhelming. Scott came up with all sorts of fun exercises to stimulate the neuromuscular demands of the competitive lifts. His programs brought a new and challenging element to my training. The coolest part was that through doing these exercises with little on no weight, along side of my normal training, I was able to improve my performance breaking long standing Canadian records, winning a Gold medal at the Commonwealth games, and winning Silver at the World Championships!”

Jennifer Heil

Canadian National Team Freestyle Skier – Moguls - 5 Time Crystal Globe Champion, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, World Champion

“The people at High Performance took me from a point where I was unable to train due to back pain and shin splints, through an amazing journey of rebuilding, until I was pain free, and then set me on a course that prepared me for the rigors of each season. I took a year off after the 2002 Olympics to recondition at High Performance with Scott Livingston. Once I was healed I continued to train at High Performance throughout my entire career. I completed my career as World Cup champion five times, World Champion in Singles and Duals, and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist! Thank you to everyone at High Performance!”

Jenny Ciochetti

Canadian National Team Bobsled Pilot

“As a member of the Canadian National Women’s Bobsleigh team I had the opportunity to train at High Performance Sport in Montreal with Scott Livingston. Working with Scott on foundation training and technique was extremely helpful. We worked on imbalances in my body as well as the efficiency of my movement in training and lifting. He is very knowledgeable and good at finding what is wrong and figuring out how to fix it. I feel I became a more knowledgeable athlete in the process.”

JF Jacques

Professional Hockey Player - Oiler, Ducks, Austrian League

I met Scott following a second back surgery in 2010 while I was playing with the Edmonton Oilers.   He was able to literally rebuild me and put me on my two feet in time for training camp.  Since then I have continued to train with him.  I know that his programs are adapted to my needs and weaknesses.  Scott made me a better athlete over the years and this is why I believe I have remained pretty much injury free through my recent career.

Jose Theodore

NHL Goalie – Florida Panthers

“I trained with Scott Livingston in the summers of 2004 and 2005. His programs were awesome not only because it was specific goalie conditioning but it was fun and highly motivating. I’ve never had a program so well tailored to my needs. I will always recommend High Performance to anyone who wants to achieve at their best!”

Kara Lang

Forward - Canadian Women's National Soccer Team

“After stepping away from the game in 2011, I started my journey back to the pitch with Scott Livingston in February of 2013. Throughout my career I’d experienced constant knee issues and undergone numerous surgeries and subsequent rehab attempts. I thought I’d seen it all when it came to rehabilitation. But Scott addressed my knee injury in a way I’d never seen before. He focused on my movement patterns and corrected many of the imbalances and weaknesses in my body that made me so susceptible to injury. With his holistic approach, Scott helped me build a stronger foundation to work from and gave me both the tools and the confidence to reach my full potential as an athlete.”

Kaya Turski

Canadian National Team Freestyle Skier – Slopestyle – 5 Time X-Games Champion

“Working with Jaime Livingston at High Performance Sports has been such a learning and helpful experience. I’m finally back on snow and feeling better than ever after a long but super successful rehab!”

Kevin Poulin

NHL Goalie - New York Islanders

“When I first came to Scott Livingston two summers ago I was rehabbing from a surgery to correct an issue with my knee. He completed the rehab and got me ready for the next season without an issue. I felt the training I did made me stronger and quicker in my crease and I continue to train with Scott each off-season.”

Lizanne Murphy

Canadian National Women's Basketball team member

“I met Jaime Livingston 3 years ago when I was coming back from a full ACL reconstruction. At the time, I could not even straighten my knee and many people said I would never come back to the national team, or be the basketball player I once was. She took one look at me and said we would get you back there and to the London Olympics. Her drive, knowledge and competitiveness are contagious with the athletes and just makes you want to get better every single day. They have helped me to move better, with more speed and strength and become a much better player than I was before getting hurt. Thanks to Jaime, the Queen of Pain, I was able to make the Olympics and continue to have a great pro career.”

Marc-Andre Gragnani

NHL Defenseman – Carolina Hurricanes

“I trained with Scott Livingston in the summer of 2012 and it was completely different training than I was used to doing. I really enjoyed the type of work we did and I arrived at my season in great shape and ready for another NHL season.”

Max Lapierre

NHL Forward – Vancouver Canucks

“I’ve trained with Scott Livingston for my entire professional career. Every year Scott makes me better than I was the year before and I always arrive at camp feeling completely prepared. I have remained relatively injury free through a ten-year career in the NHL and I attribute much of that to Scott’s program.”

Melanie McCann

Canadian National & Olympic Team Modern Pentathlete

“My experience with Scotty has been incredible. He created a program that not only cleared up my nagging injuries, but also turned me into a strong, efficient all-around athlete. He was able to balance and combine the different strength and mobility demands of pentathlon that are essential to performance. Scotty put my focus on the fundamentals of proper muscle activation and recruitment, which has helped me find another gear my pursuit for the highest level of my sport. I am able to move cleaner, train consistently and improve the quality of my workouts in my respective disciplines. Scotty has given me a functional body to work with and an amazing amount of confidence in my training/potential for the Road to Rio 2016.

Mikael Kingsbury

Canadian National Team Freestyle Skier – Moguls – Crystal Globe Winner 2012 and 2013, World Champion 2013, Olympic Silver Medalist 2014

“I’ve been training with Scott Livingston for the past three seasons and every year I get better and stronger. I feel more physically prepared for each season. I love the atmosphere at High Performance and Power Watts and i love knowing that I will be ready to compete at my best every year that I am on tour. Thanks everyone for all your help!”

Phylicia George

Athletics Canada - 100m Hurdler - Olympic Finalist 2012

“I have had recurring hamstring issues throughout my career. In 2013 I was forced to sit out an entire season due to a hamstring issue that had plagued me for more than a year. Scott was able to assess my movement patterns to figure out why my injuries were happening in the first place. My personalized plan addressed my weaknesses, with a strong focus on functional movement specific to my sport. I’ve come out of my reconditioning program fitter, stronger and more functionally efficient than I’ve ever been. Scott has helped change the way I approach my training and I’m confident that it will ultimately help prevent injuries in the long run. There is no doubt in my mind that I’m a better all around athlete thanks to all of the help from B2ten and High Performance. I look forward to continue working with Scott to build on the foundation we’ve created.”

Raph Derome

Wake Boarder - Red Bull athlete

“I tore my tricep tendon and had many surgeries afterwards due to staph infection that happened at the end of my 2010 wakeboarding season. I started working out with Scott Livingston at the start of 2012 and I know it is not a coincidence that I was able to win the rider of the year award the following year. Scott rebuilt my arm and I was able to keep riding like nothing had happen when I felt like there was no solution. I owe him a lot.”

Saku Koivu

Former Captain of the Montreal Canadiens, now playing for the Anaheim Ducks

“I worked with Scott Livingston while I was Captain of the Montreal Canadiens. Scott is an excellent strength and conditioning coach and his ability to work with the medical team of the Canadiens to help me, and other players return to play quickly, or avoid needless injury was exceptional. He helped me through many personal difficulties with injury and health and each time I returned to the ice and played at my highest abilities. I miss his work and friendship, and wish him all the best.”

Sheldon Souray

NHL Defenseman – Anaheim Ducks

“I worked with Scotty when I was with the Montreal Canadians and he is an amazing strength and conditioning coach. Not only did he develop a specific training program to get me ready to compete at an NHL level, but he rebuilt me from many injuries and every time he fixed the damage, kept me on course and finished by making me stronger and fitter than I was before.”

Stephanie Dubois

Professional Tennis Player

“Working with Jaime is not just about working super hard, but realizing perfection with every movement, exercise and training. Her level of expertise in physical training is just phenomenal. I am very proud and happy to have her on my team!”

Warren Kean

CFL Kicker/Punter – Edmonton Eskimos

“The people at High Performance continually re-defined and challenged the way I trained both in the gym and on the football field. They took me from a typical gym rat with numerous chronic injuries, to a fully functioning dynamic athlete. With their holistic approach and sport specific programs they continuously strengthened and balanced my body movement, enabling me to compete at my optimum level. Always there to answer a question or correct a technique, they never stop working to make sure their athletes are taken care of.”