Scott Livingston


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Scott has been working in the field of athletic performance for twenty-five years. He is renown for his dedication to building a more efficient, effective, and resilient athlete using his ability to assess movement dysfunction and deliver corrective exercise, while merging such strategies with effective and specific performance training. He has trained and reconditioned athletes at every level including professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and college athletes, as well as highly motivated recreational athletes.

Scott became a Certified Athletic Therapist in 1988, after graduating from Concordia University’s Exercise Science program. While working as a clinical therapist, he achieved his certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Then, in 1990, he was hired at Concordia University as one of the first full time Strength and Conditioning Coaches at a Canadian University.

He was also a part time faculty member in Concordia’s Exercise Science Department teaching many courses within the Athletic Therapy curriculum throughout the 90’s. On his initiative, a third year course was developed and designed to teach the “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning”.

In 1998 Scott began his career in National Hockey League as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for New York Islanders. He moved on to the New York Rangers, where he spent two years in the same role, and then in 2001 he accepted a position with the Montreal Canadiens, returning back to his roots, as both a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Therapist. During his professional hockey career, Scott learned more about professional sport and what it takes to compete at that level.

While still with the Canadiens, Scott and Jaime started the business of High Performance Sport. Their vision was to create a place where the worlds of athletic therapy and strength and conditioning could co-exist and support truly purposeful athlete training and reconditioning.

Scott’s love of high level sport, and working with talented and highly committed athletes lead him to begin working with Olympic athletes and he soon found himself significantly involved in the development of the Olympic athlete support foundation B2ten. Scott left the Montreal Canadiens in 2009 to further focus his efforts on the work he had started and remains very involved in this amazing program.

Scott’s first love is teaching. There is nothing he enjoys more than sharing knowledge with others and helping young people develop professionally. Over the years he has been a speaker at many conferences and course.

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